Luke running in the forest

Luke Tyburski

Luke is an Endurance Adventurer, Motivational Speaker, and Health & Wellness Coach who 5 years ago was forced out of a professional soccer career and into a battle with depression by injury, his salvation; the world of extreme endurance sport. Luke’s completed the Marathon des Sables (running 6 marathons in 7 days) through the Sahara desert as his first ever race, cycled 18 hours in a day to learn how to surf the following day, ran down Mt Everest in the worlds highest ultra-marathon, and in 2015 Luke completed a self-created, never before attempted unique 2,000km, 12-day solo triathlon from Morocco to Monaco; he named it The Ultimate Triathlon. A documentary was made about his incredible feat. With a passion for cooking and eating real food, Luke teaches others his ‘Cooking with Confidence’ approach, and is always experimenting himself in the kitchen. Nutripouch and Luke both share similar passions of living life and fueling with tasty natural food. If you would like to see Luke's documentary, click this link:

There is a phrase I live by:

"When reaching your limits, it’s only there where you’ll catch a glimpse of your true potential!"


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