Our story

SInce 2015

Make | Store | Take

Inspired by its sister product, Fill n Squeeze, Nutripouch was created in 2015 to enable adults to take advantage of this unique and innovative product.


Where it all started

Nutripouch’s journey began in the summer of 2015, inspired by the success of it’s parent company; Fill n Squeeze. Extensive (and patient) research & development gave birth to the design of our Jügg Filling System and pocket-sized pouches.

NutriPouch’s launch in 2016 was reinforced by promotional events, partnerships and new accessories.

Brilliance, by design

The Nutripouch Jugg

Developed by experts

The Jügg Pouch System is your own mini pouch factory. Neat and portable, it puts you in charge of cost and ingredients like never before.

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