Marty Odell

Martyn Odell

I am a trained chef, photographer and endurance nut. I worked at The Bodycoach for 2 years creating food content, working as the Nutritional Development Manager. I have now branched out solo and want to inspire people to get into adventure and endurance races to really understand their body. I have been known to bring a sense of normality and fun to endurance events which tends to go down well. Food is my passion I want to inspire people and show how simple it is to create delicious, healthy and balanced meals. I have completed a continuous double ironman, cycled around the perimeter of England 2,200 miles in 14 days self-supported and am looking to take on more solo adventure now I am freelance.

A phrase that inspires me :

"The body you have is the body you’ve got for the rest of your life so you might as well get used to it"


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