reusable drinks pouch

5 x 250ml Pack of Nutripouch Refill Pouches for Homemade Smoothies, Protein Shakes

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  • FUEL YOUR DAY - Nutripouches patented leak free design allows you to bring your delicious homemade smoothies, shakes, soups and juices wherever you go, these pouches are pocket sized, can be frozen and are microwave safe
  • BATCH UP - The refill packs allow you to batch up and prepare a load of your favourite smoothie, juice or fruit drink at one time, refrigerate or freeze until required
  • COMPACT SIZE makes them the perfect drinks container for the track, court, gym or field, just fill a pouch with water, protein shake or juice to power your activity without the bulk and easy to stash in your pocket or bag
  • IDEAL FOR LUNCH - Shop bought smoothies can be expensive, make a saving by using Nutripouch which allows you to blend up your favourite recipes and take them with you or you could enjoy some soup
  • REDUCE WASTE - Freezer safe and easy to store, these reusable drinks bottles are a great solution to left over smoothies and shakes, if you find that you've made to much of a delicious drink, just fill a carrier pouch or two and pop them in the freezer to enjoy later